The town of Sawai Madhopur is home to the Tigers to Ranthambhore. It was one of the 1st nine Tiger parks under project Tiger started in 1971. 185 kms south of Jaipur is Ranthambhore and pretty much on the tourist circuit. Because of its close proximity to Delhi, this places is beaming with tourists summer and winter. It remains shut during the monsoon period July, August and September each year. The tiger behaviour here is particular and different to any other National park in India. Tigers here are used to human presence and don't feel threatened by humans, as a result there hasn’t been any case of Tigers attacking jeeps or tourists. Its a tropical dry deciduous forest area. Besides the Tiger you get to see, Jackals, Sloth, various species of Deer, Leopards, Pythons, cobras and other types of snakes. Over 371 different species of birds.

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