ITINERARY – Ladakh 2018

Leh to Leh

This is a tentative itinerary, may change.

Day 1: Early morning departure for Leh. Arrive at Leh and check-in onboard Taurus.

Board a flight at Delhi airport for Leh which takes around an hour, a mesmerizing journey as you fly over the gigantic mountains with wonderful views of the snowcapped peaks like chocolate icecream cones with white cream poured over; the view leaves everyone in awe. Arrive at Leh airport, landing through a valley of bare mountains, offering the most beautiful views; ensure you get buckled in a window seat. Today, your photographic pilgrimage  is about to begin a  journey beyond dreams, and we suggest you do a last minute check of your bags and much needed documents which shall prevent any snag to ensure pleasant travel. The exhilarating flight from Delhi to Leh will give you a mesmerizing bird’s eye introduction to the snowcapped Himalayas. You shall be received by a member of our team who will escort you to your hotel where Capt Suresh Sharma shall be waiting to welcome you and to brief about what is going to unfold in next one week or so. As Leh is at 10,000 feet above sea level you are advised to take complete rest for 24 hours for acclimatization so that you enjoy your stay in these unpolluted altitudes in comfort – this is a serious medical advice for your own well being.

Night stay onboard Taurus.

Photos Above: Taurus anchored around Leh.

Day 2: After a soul stirring morning cup of tea/coffee and early breakfast, we start our picturesque drive to the Aryan villages Dah Hanu – these two villages of the Brokpa of Ladakh, about 165 km northwest, that tourists are permitted to visit out of a number of Brokpa villages. They have an Indo-European appearance in contrast to the predominant Tibet-Mongol inhabitants of most of Ladakh. The main attraction is the life of Brokpa community. This community believes that they are the last race of Aryans and those people preserved their racial purity. They offer sacrifices to the gods and are fond of music, wine, jewellery and flowers. Their costumes are adorned with colourful flowers and jewellery. After a portrait session with Aryans Drive to Leh.


Photos Above: The Aryan Folks

Night stay on board Taurus.

Day 3 Let’s go around the area of Hanuthang and meet and greet the local denizens while admiring their culture. Also, it’s one of the best places to relax on the banks of mountain stream and take a walk to enjoy the Nature at its best. The setting can’t be better than this: best outdoor kitchen, hammocks on the banks of the river and cool weather with sunshine, absolutely fresh air and nice people. Photographers can explore it for portraits and landscape.

Night stay on board Taurus.

Day 4: After breakfast, Taurus is steered to Leh; on the way take a break to admire cave-paintings at village Saspol, 98% travellers miss these. While standing in front of the caves, we shall get a beautiful panoramic view of Saspol village and its valley. The colourful foliage which borrows colour from the autumn season (if you are visiting in autumn) makes the landscape interesting and dream for every photographer.

The photo above: Saspol Cave Painting

Night stay onboard Taurus on the banks of Indus River. Taurus will be anchored on the banks of River Indus and away from the humdrum of civilization. Enjoy the kitchen of Taurus, in a beautiful “setting of silence”; it treats you beyond the expectations of nomadic life with basic comforts to make sure its 5 Star outdoor life.

Day 5: After an early breakfast, we shall leave in a hired transport for Nubra Valley; needs no introduction for its beauty. Stop over at Khardungla Pass (the highest motorable road in the world), take some record shots. Stay at a camp/ homestay/ guesthouse for the night. We shall be exploring Hundar and Diskit, a different world for travellers and a treasure trove for landscape photography.

The following photos are of Nubra and on the way to Nubra

Day 6: The landscape of Nubra valley offers its beauty at dusk and dawn. Let’s photograph a rare combination of sand dunes and camels in the high altitude. There are double-humped camels which are endemic to Nubra. Camel rides are optional. Night stay at Nubra at the same place.

Day 7: It’s a pleasure to explore Nubra with cameras under morning light. After leisurely breakfast, departure for Leh. On the way, we will stop at Shanti Stupa. Night onboard Taurus around Leh.

Day 8: After early breakfast, we travel in a hired transport to Pangong and fulfil your dreams with the mesmerizing lake. It’s known for changing its surface colours at different times of the day, field lunch on the way, and night stay in a hired camp at Pangong.

Day 9: After breakfast, let’s capture the glimpses of Pangong and travel to reach Karu where we rendezvous with Taurus and take a picturesque drive onboard Taurus to Rumtse village (approx. 4050 meters MSL). Enjoy rural Ladakh at its best, walk around the village and meet and greet the local folks.

Night stay on board Taurus.

Photos Above: Village Rumtse

Day 10: After early morning tea, explore Rumtse under morning light while rural folks are going out for daily chores. Experience rural Ladakh, walk around the village; after breakfast drive over Tangla (the second highest motorable road in the world). Night stay at Debring or Tsokar onboard Taurus.

Day 11: Explore Debring/ Tsokar for photography or take a walk around, shoot with shepherds and landscape. Drive to Hemis. Night onboard Taurus.

Above Photos: Debring and around

Day 12: After a quick cup of tea, we attend Morning Prayer chants at Hemis Monastery, a life time experience. After breakfast, we drive to Nimu via Matho village. Night stay onboard Taurus on the banks of the famous river the Indus.

The above photo: At Hemis

Day 13: After breakfast, explore area around Nimu village.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Easy River Rafting.

Night stay onboard Taurus on the banks of famous river the Indus.

Day 14: After leisurely breakfast, we drive to Leh, check-in at a hotel/ Guest House for night stay. Explore local Leh.

The photo above: Matho Monastery

Day 15: Departure for Delhi for homeward journey.

Tariff: Rs 1,35,000 per person. If there is a group of 8 persons and one in the season. If there are 2 groups in a season then Rs 1,25,000 per person. Taxes extra. Booking confirmation on 100% advance, nonrefundable.

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: If you wish to secure single tent on board Taurus (we have four single tents) and rooms in hotels/ camps/ guest houses, single supplement fee Rs 32,250 per person is applicable.


  1. All three veg meals, where possible it will be non-veg, are included in the tariff.
  2. Taurus as transport and for onboard stay
  3. Taxi for Nubra and Pangong Lake.
  4. Crew is part of the tariff
  5. Stay at Nubra and Pangong in a hired camping or resort.
  6. Filtered water for drinking is included for everyone. But you have to bring your own water bottles. Onboard Taurus we have water filter, one for the best in the market.


  1. No flights (international, Delhi to Leh and Leh to Delhi). As of now not sure what shall be the ticket at the time of travel, its fluid.
  2. Any other transport than Taurus, unless specified in itinerary.
  3. Medical emergencies, rescues, insurances of any kind.
  4. Modeling fee for any photo session with anyone.
  5. Local guides
  6. Food outside Taurus kitchen, other than mentioned, under any circumstances
  7. Any other stay under any circumstances.
  8. Anything ensuing bad weather or any kind of delays
  9. Extra transfers because of bad weather.
  10. Shopping and transport for shopping.
  11. Transport for personal trips to any place for any purpose
  12. Entry fee to monuments
  13. Rides of any kind (camel, elephant, boat, rafting)
  14. Inner line permits
  15. Anything NOT mentioned in INCLUDED list.

PLEASE NOTE:  MORE TERMS WILL BE SHARED once this is approved as a basic program.

TERMS & CONDITIONS shall be the same for all the packages and more details will be sent after the program is approved.