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While most travelers may not consider India as a luxury tour destination, India was once considered the richest nation on the planet. Some of that royalty and wealth can still be seen today. From palatial hotels to luxury trains in India, you can pamper yourself with a full India luxury tour getaway and live, for sometime, like the Rajas and Ranis (Indian kings and queens) of old.

Atithi Voyages offers luxury tours in India that will take you to the most luxurious hotels that you have ever seen. Almost everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal, but little do they know that they have the option to stay in a Taj Mahal-inspired hotel and bask in the radiance and beauty of Indian architecture and hospitality. What is more, India has several fleets of luxury trains, such as the Maharaja Express and the Palace on Wheels, which offer comfort, speed and a first-class atmosphere for those wishing to travel throughout India in style. After all you have worked hard for this vacation, so shouldn’t you spend it in the lap of luxury with one of our India luxury tours?

Below you will find some of the India luxury tour options we provide. From the moment you reach the airport to the moment you go back, we will make sure that you are treated as royalty.

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Palace on Wheels

Experience the Maharaja way of royal living. Rediscover the Romance of Royal Rajasthan aboard India's first and most revered luxury trains. Framed around the award winning Palace on Wheels luxury train, this tour allows you to enjoy the splendors of ancient and modern India.
Palace on wheels

Tempting Tamil Nadu Tour

The region of Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples and each Temple is a huge fortified structure. Its also where the French colonial Territory of Pondicherry is located with its old world French charm.
Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Trichy

Extensive Rajasthan Tour

Tour the grandeur, mystery and magic of Rajasthan in a wholesome manner. Rajasthan is popular for its fairs, festivities and colours. This tour gives a wholesome tour of the Royal Rajasthan and at the same time brings you in touch with the lost regality and splendours of a bygone era.
The Palaces of Udaipur

Golf Tour

India is a great destination when it comes to Golfing as Golfing has taken off big time here in the past 5-6 years. You have some of the finest Golf courses in the Country.
The eighteenth hole on a golf course at sunset.

Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour

Home to the world famous Tea Gardens of India and its rich tea manufacturing industry. Stay at some of the finest tea estates in the region and witness first hand their hospitality.
Tea plantations

Ayurveda Tour

Ayurveda is an oil based massage treatment which is herbal in nature. The Ayurveda massages or form of treatment comes primarily from Kerala, in southern India. The treatments in Ayurveda have been said to cure many ailments, disorders and diseases like, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart disorders, skin allergies and obesity.
Luxury Spa Treatment

Ganges Valley Circuit Tour

A glimpse of Rajasthan mixed with the Golden Triangle Tour and finishes with Khajuraho for a visual delight of the Kamasutra temples and Varanasi for diving to depths of the Hindu mythology and philosophy.
Inside the Fort at Bikaner

Kipling Country Tour

A fantastic wildlife tour giving you the opportunity to see tigers and other wildlife in different habitats and environments. It also mixes cultural visits at Delhi, Kasauli, Agra and Khajuraho. One of the finest wildlife programmes on offer.
Up-close with Tigers

Golden Triangle Tour

The Golden Triangle is an essential element to any holiday when visiting India for the first time! Experience the history of massive forts, the opulence, and splendour of Rajasthan's palaces and the bustle and buzz of markets and bazaars.
Taj Mahal

Kerala: The Backwaters Tour

Known for its backwaters and tranquility and serenity, Kerala is a place to be visited for its oneness with nature and Kairali massages. Tamil Nadu and Kerala can be clubbed together for a 15 days circuit.
Stay overnight on a traiditional house boat

Rajasthan Tour

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of Rajasthan is royalty and magnificence. This tour gives a wholesome tour of the Royal Rajasthan and at the same time brings you in touch with the lost regality and splendours of a bygone era.
Village Woman from the interiors of Rajastan

Treasures of India Maharajas’ Express

Treasures of India is a 3 nights and 4 days whirlwind tour across the famed Golden Triangle tour circuit of India. From the colorful bazaars and majestic forts of Rajasthan, to catching the glimpse of tigers prowling in the wild in Ranthambore National Park
Train Tours

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