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India’s culture is so diverse that it is said that even if one were to spend a year embarking on an India culture tour, one would only begin to scratch the surface of the dynamic and broad spectrum of India’s history and present-day lifestyle. India’s recorded history dates back over 5,000 years – some claim even longer than that! It is no surprise then that India cultural tours can be as broad and sundry as the people and culture they seek to display. When embarking on an cultural tour of India, the sky is truly the limit.

India’s languages, music, religions, customs, architecture and food differ from place to place, therefore an India cultural tour should be designed to sample as much of this diversity as possible, in a relatively short period of time.

While America is often recognized as a “melting pot” of people with different cultural heritages all coming together to make one grand nation, India takes the cake when it comes to people of different cultures living side-by-side and sharing these same cultures through mutual feelings of goodwill and brotherhood.

Atithi Voyages’ India cultural tours will take you on a special journey into the heart of India’s cultural background and display thousands of years worth of history. India has long been known for its acceptance of other people’s way of life, which is why it has such a rich heritage of varying lifestyles. Likewise, a memorable India cultural tour will also provide, an open acceptance of the traveler’s varied tastes and temperaments – it will showcase that side of India which they wish to see. At the same time, an India cultural tour will bring one closer to the inhabitants of this great nation and help them feel what it is like to live like the locals. In this way, the traveler will come to appreciate the vast ethnic backgrounds which have come together to produce what is known as India today.

Below you will find a sampling of some of the India cultural tours we provide. If you are looking to see India and its people’s great cultural heritage – their music, languages, architecture, food, religions and daily way of life – you should definitely look into one of our cultural tours of India.

Explore Our Cultural Tours

Rajasthan Tour

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of Rajasthan is royalty and magnificence. This tour gives a wholesome tour of the Royal Rajasthan and at the same time brings you in touch with the lost regality and splendours of a bygone era.
Village Woman from the interiors of Rajastan

Kerala: The Backwaters Tour

Known for its backwaters and tranquility and serenity, Kerala is a place to be visited for its oneness with nature and Kairali massages. Tamil Nadu and Kerala can be clubbed together for a 15 days circuit.
Stay overnight on a traiditional house boat

Tempting Tamil Nadu Tour

The region of Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples and each Temple is a huge fortified structure. Its also where the French colonial Territory of Pondicherry is located with its old world French charm.
Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Trichy

Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour

Home to the world famous Tea Gardens of India and its rich tea manufacturing industry. Stay at some of the finest tea estates in the region and witness first hand their hospitality.
Tea plantations

Ganges Valley Circuit Tour

A glimpse of Rajasthan mixed with the Golden Triangle Tour and finishes with Khajuraho for a visual delight of the Kamasutra temples and Varanasi for diving to depths of the Hindu mythology and philosophy.
Inside the Fort at Bikaner

Roof Top of the World Tour

Set amidst the Northern Himalayan ranges lies the area of Ladakh. Let being the main city stands proudly in the valley at 3300 metres. A few hundred kilometres in every direction are high passes which go as high as up to 5359 metres and the view is breathtaking.
Leh Palace

Extensive Rajasthan Tour

Tour the grandeur, mystery and magic of Rajasthan in a wholesome manner. Rajasthan is popular for its fairs, festivities and colours. This tour gives a wholesome tour of the Royal Rajasthan and at the same time brings you in touch with the lost regality and splendours of a bygone era.
The Palaces of Udaipur

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