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Since Indian weddings are considered such a sacred event, they are usually celebrated on a grand scale – exotic locations, beautiful decorations, gorgeous outfits, sparkling jewelry, cultural displays, sacred music, traditional customs and delicious food. Almost all Indian weddings give the impression of a royal event taking place – each wedding is considered a once-in-a-lifetime event, so no expense is spared.

Many foreigners are enamored with India’s rich cultural and religious heritage, which can be seen in full display during an Indian wedding. In fact, some even wish to have an Indian–style wedding of their own. This was previously not an option, given the cultural differences and lack of wedding options within one’s own country. That is until now!

Atithi voyages offers you the chance to witness a rare display of Indian life during an Indian wedding tour. Even if you are not a member of the family, friend or even an acquaintance of the bride and groom, you can still view a segment of India’s heritage as if you were part of the family. During Indian weddings, the hosts are almost always in a generous mood and love to share their happiness with others; they usually don’t mind at all if foreigners attend. In fact, they are often too happy to gift this day of happiness to others coming from abroad.

Atithi Voyages can arrange a seat for you at an Indian wedding through one of our India wedding tours. And if that is not enough, we also provide you the opportunity to have an Indian wedding of your own! Just think of it, you too could be walking around the sacred Holy Fire with your soon to be bride or groom, and basking in the glory of the sights, smells and sounds of a traditional Indian wedding.

Our India wedding tours are categorized into two main options: North Indian wedding and South Indian wedding. While there are many similarities between the two, especially in a religious sense, the locations and some of the rituals do vary.

If you are looking to get married in the tradition of a classical Indian wedding, or would like to be a guest at a particular wedding you may have heard about, then we can try and arrange that for you as well. Don’t miss out on the chance of being a part of one of India’s cultural masterpieces. The holy union of matrimony in India brings harmony, happiness and internal growth to all who attend!

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