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Travelling with Atithi, with over 20 years of experience, opens the door to a holiday of a lifetime, rich in history and natural beauty. Our private luxury tours span much of India and Nepal, following carefully planned itineraries tailored to the needs of each customer. Routes by air, road, river and rail capture the true essence of your chosen destinations. All our customers are expertly guided by local specialists.

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Indian Weddings

Atithi Voyages have secured ways for foreign travelers to partake or spectate in an Indian Wedding. Experience the glamour and grace of the sacred union of two souls embarking on a journey towards the divine.
The Royal Family's marriage at Udaipur

Adventure Tours

Atithi Voyages brings you adventure tours in India that take you to exotic and remote locations throughout India, but with a twist. You will also feel the adrenaline rush of cycling through mountain ranges, ride on the back of a Royal Enfield or paragliding through blue skies above.
Adventure Tours

Palace on Wheels

Experience the Maharaja way of royal living. Rediscover the Romance of Royal Rajasthan aboard India's first and most revered luxury trains. Framed around the award winning Palace on Wheels luxury train, this tour allows you to enjoy the splendors of ancient and modern India.
Palace on wheels

Spiritual Tours

Our spiritual India tours are especially designed for those who wish to experience spiritual India at the deepest level and take back with them the peace, love and spiritual upliftment which this sacred and ancient nation offers.
Spiritual Tours

Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycling or Biking as we say in India is a unique and fast growing way to experience various Indian destinations. Motorcycle Tours are growing and very fast in India.
Life on the open road

Ayurveda Tours

Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine.
Luxury Spa Treatment

Luxury Tours

Atithi Voyages offers luxury tours in India that will take you to the most luxurious hotels that you have ever seen. Almost everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal, but little do they know that they have the option to stay in a Taj Mahal-inspired hotel and bask in the radiance and beauty of Indian architecture and hospitality.
Luxury Tours

Cultural Tours

Atithi Voyages’ India cultural tours will take you on a special journey into the heart of India’s cultural background and display thousands of years worth of history. India has long been known for its acceptance of other people’s way of life, which is why it has such a rich heritage of varying lifestyles.
Cultural Tours

Extensive Rajasthan Tour

Tour the grandeur, mystery and magic of Rajasthan in a wholesome manner. Rajasthan is popular for its fairs, festivities and colours. This tour gives a wholesome tour of the Royal Rajasthan and at the same time brings you in touch with the lost regality and splendours of a bygone era.
The Palaces of Udaipur

Wildlife Tours

Wildlife in India is as varied and colourful as the people and culture within it. With over 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 89 national parks, there is no shortage of tours from which to choose from.
Wildlife Tours